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Principal's Message


2018 Yearbook available now

The 2017-2018 yearbook is currently available for a special discounted preorder price of $45. This price is only available until August 31st or until the allotted preorder quantity has been sold. Place your order here. Hillside has already sold a record number of yearbooks this year and we have sold out every year over the last six years in a row. Don't wait, order now!

Special Memories

The yearbook sold out last year. Every single copy was sold. Nearly 500 students could not buy a yearbook. Many were disappointed. Many more were heartbroken when they saw the great pictures of themselves and their friends and could not have a yearbook full of those memories. Don't be one of those students who miss out on their chance to own those memories forever. Order now!

Recognition and Business Ads

Parents! Recognize your student with a special recognition and personal message in our yearbook. Create a lasting memory.

Recognition Ads

Businesses! Advertize with our award winning yearbook and support our school. You have helped us to be the success we are.

Business Ads

We Are Number One!!!

Yes, it is true! The Hillside Middle School Yearbook won First Place at the California State Fair this year...that makes seven years in a row! Heck Yeah! We are on a SEVEN year winning streak. Don't miss your opportunity to own history that you are a part of and preorder in August! Remember students that personalize their yearbook also will receive their books before anyone else regardless of grade level.

1001 Reasons

There are at least 1001 reasons to buy a yearbook. Here is just a few...

Reason to buy a Yearbook #1
The only lasting things you leave Hillside with are knowledge, memories and friends. A yearbook keeps two of these three fresh forever!

Reason to buy a Yearbook #88
Those old 7th & 8th grade photos will be great fun at parties and family events.

Reason to buy a Yearbook #306
Your favorite teacher will be in it!

Reason to buy a Yearbook #19
The love of your life will be in it, or maybe all twelve of them will be. How fun to look back when you have kids of your own.

Reason to buy a Yearbook #89
Your kids can laugh as hard at your hair and fashions as you did at your parents’.

Reason to buy a Yearbook #1000
When you are really, really old the pictures in it will prove true your wild stories about having to go to a place full of other kids where you learned stuff. It was called “School.”

Reason to buy a Yearbook #753
You can drag it out and brag about how you went to school with this famous person who just got elected, nominated, convicted or awarded.

Reason to buy a Yearbook #884
All your classmates can drag out their yearbooks when #753 happens to you!