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Principal's Message

Kimberly Tomimitsu Locker

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Painting & Drawing Classroom

Every student in my class is required to complete a set of sketchbook assignments based on drawing from observation. Drawing from observation is sketching an image of what is exactly in front of you. It is drawing objects, people, places from life and not based on one's own imagination. It is really looking closely at something and learning how it is put together and how to interpret what you see onto a piece of paper.

Good drawing from observation is a skill everyone can learn. It requires practice and focus. Some of you have a "talent" for art and some of you may feel you are not so blessed with this gift. But in any case, it is possible for both kinds of artists to improve their drawing.

So work hard and be open to this challenge. I guarantee if you follow my directions and do all your assignments, your drawing from observation will improve quickly!
Every brilliant artist, designer, inventor or scientist can sketch an image to communicate their concept. Even in business today, visually communicating an idea really can help sell an idea.

Drawing from observation will train you to be able to take what you see in front of you and translate it into a image others will understand. Drawing from observation shows that you understand how to interpret the world around you. It also will help you better illustrate what is in your imagination since you can use real world references to support your ideas.

If you are planning to attend a professional art or design college (to study art, game design, comics, animation, illustration, fashion, photography, architecture, product design or graphic design) you will be required to submit an "admission portfolio". A big part of this admission portfolio is drawing from observation. You will be required to submit high level original drawings from observation in a sketchbook and several large format drawings.



Tuesday: Take notes on Eyes and do practice sketches

Wednesday: Take notes on Nose and do practice sketches

Thursday: Take notes on Mouth and so practice sketches


As a cultural study, students are working on artwork to be displayed on an altar that will be set up at the festival. Hillside Families & the entire community is invited and encouraged to attend this event to learn more about this tradition from Mexico! For more info & to buy tickets, go to:



Drawing & Painting 1 & 2: YOUR BINDER OF ALL SKETCHES DUE THURSDAY, 10/12 - late work will not be accepted for quarter grade! Pages must be numbered and labeled in the upper right corner and organized to the classwork table of contents & homework table of contents! 


There will be a substitute teacher this day as Tomimitsu is attending a meeting at the VCOE - please be respectful, kind and conscientious as usual:) Backpacks stay in the room and students stay in their desks for this day.

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Student Gallery: Water Color Pencil Still Lifes

Current Assignments

Assigned: 1/15/18 Due: 5/31/18

Assigned: 9/27/17 Due: 5/31/18

Assigned: 1/22/18 Due: 1/23/18

Painting & Drawing Classroom

Student Gallery: Ink & Pastel Inspired by the Art of Heather Brown