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Principal's Message

Counselor's Corner

Schedule Changes

Students and Parents, the last day for any schedule changes will be the end of the school day on Friday, January 12th.  Slips to request to see your counselor can be found in the front office and in the counseling office.  You can also email your student's school counselor for the schedule change request.  No schedule changes will be made following Friday, January 12th. 


Mr. Matthew Thompson (Last Names A-K)

Ms. Cheri Toyen (Last Names L-Z)

Description of Honors Courses

History/Social Studies:

Honors history courses are differentiated from regular history courses by engaging students in a higher-order analysis of historical events and themes.  There is generally a good amount of formal writing (5-paragraph essays, research papers, etc.)  Students are given preparation for high school Advanced Placement courses by working on Document-Based Questions, which are a major component to the AP test.



Honors science is very similar for both 7th and 8th grade. Honors science covers the same standards as regular science but at a quicker pace, and with greater depth. There is a higher level of written work expected and more independent work in both labs and projects. 7th grade honors science covers details in biology, ecology, human development, and heredity. 8th grade honors science covers chemistry and physics, including the application of mathematical concepts into the science curriculum. Math is deeply connected with the science curriculum and can be challenging to students who do not have the requisite mathematical skills.



Honors English students read at or above grade level. They demonstrate more sophistication in writing and understanding of literary analysis. Students in honors English come to school with background knowledge on a wide variety of topics that enriches their comprehension of text. Students are able to hold class discussions at a higher level, are self reflective, and have a strong work ethic. They are confident in giving oral presentations and have a high level of organization and responsibility.

Classroom Presentations: Sexual Harassment Prevention

Sexual Harrasment Prevention Presentations:

- Presented by the School Counselors

- Monday September 11th to Friday September 15th

- Will take place in sixth and seventh grade science classes


If you have any questions, please contact your student's School Counselor. 

Promotion Ceremony Requirements

Promotion Ceremony Requirements for Eighth Graders:

Requirements for eligibility to participate in the 8th Grade Activities/Promotion Ceremony include:

• Earn no more than 1 unsatisfactory mark (“U”) in citizenship in the 4th quarter. 
• Maintain acceptable behavior during the second semester. Excessive suspensions, truancies, and/or tardies could result in exclusion. 
• Earn a passing grade in at least 9 of their 12 classes taken; 4 of these passing grades must be earned in the final semester. 
• Pay all fines owed to Hillside Middle School a week prior to the date of the promotion activities. 
• Participation in the 8th Grade Portfolio Day.


Thompson, Matthew
Counselor A-K
Toyen, Cheri
Counselor L-Z


Bullying is defined as:

  • A deliberate hostile action or aggression towards another person.
  • The victim is usually weaker and/or less powerful than the bully or bullies.
  • Bullying has an outcome, which is ...more

Surviving Middle School

Help!! My child is struggling and I don’t know what to do.

Right around the time that progress reports arrive in the mail or the report card arrives home via the Levi express I receive many phone ...more

Tips for Hassle-Free Homework

1. Find ways to internally motivate your child. Find out what the child's goals are. Once you have determined the child's goals, ask questions to help the child determine how he can meet these goals.

Getting Organized

At the end of each grading period, it’s always a good idea to do a little spring-cleaning. A skill that is helpful for many students is to get into the habit of organizing and re-organizing their ...more

Education, Programs and Trainings


Naviance's "Family Connection" is a web based program for academic planning, college and career research.  This system is now available to sixth, seventh and eighth grade students at Hillside Middle School. Naviance helps students and families connect with what students do in the classroom to their life goals, including finding colleges and careers based on their personal skills and areas of interests.  All eighth grade students at Hillside will use Naviance to complete their career portfolio, a promotion requirement. Naviance provides a single location for students and their families to begin looking at improve college and career planning and measure student outcomes. We encourage parents, guardians and family members to explore the wealth of information contained in this incredible resource.


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