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Principal's Message

Physical Education and Yoga Page

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PE/ Yoga Make-Up Assignments

If you are missing an assignment see Aeries or the Calendar for details. All class assignments can be made up for full credit. Participation points (lost for off task or unsafe behavior) can not be made up.

Makeup Assignment for Pilates: Work on squats, push ups, and curl ups. Do 3 sets of 10-15. Move through the exercises consciously (don't let knees go past toes, keep hands inline or with shoulders, don't pull on neck). Use modifications if needed (use a wall for squats, use knees for push ups, do leg lifts or toe touches instead of curl ups). 

If unable to do physical activity, read Big Bat Wiffleball Baseball rules/conditions for PE. Also review the MLB attached PDF Baseball Rules. Write five similarities or differences found.  

Makeup Assignment for PE: If absent, Review the information about the sport with the links provided. See attachments on calendar. Write 5 things you learned from what you read. 


Current Assignments

Mrs. Corral's Class


Management plans for PE, YOGA, and Advisory

PPT, Word, Excel Viewers [Go]
Acrobat Reader [Go]

Clubs/ Intramural Sports


One day Pickleball Tournament will be hosted by Hillside Middle School. Event will be on May 15th from 3:30 to 5:30. 


One day Cross Country Event hosted by Hillside Middle School will be May 8th. Event is from 3:30-5:30.


Soccer Season will be from March 26th to April 30th. This is a 6 week season.


Details about the season will be posted in the beginning of March


Volleyball Season will be from Feb 5th to March 12th. This is a 6 week season. 

Boys Tryouts will begin 1/9/18

Girls Tryouts will begin 1/17/18


Basketball Season will be from Oct 2nd to Oct 27th. It is a 6 week season. During Oct 2nd - Oct 13th tryouts will be held for 6 teams (One team for each gender and grade level. Maximum 12 players per team). 


A student information meeting will take place on September 29th, at lunch in the gym, from 1:00-1:15pm. Students will receive a packet with information to share with their families. Packet needs to be signed by a parent for students to participate in after school tryouts. 


Details about tryouts, practices, and games will be posted by the second week of September. 


ADIVISORY: G-Cubed: Goals, Grades and Guidance


Advisory Assignments

This is a time for academic reflection. I am here for support and guidance. Students are expected to view their grades each week on Aeries and record progress using blue folder.  All class updates and assignments can be found on this webpage.  


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