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Club Calendar 2017-2018

Meeting Day Meeting Time Club Room Club Description Advisor
Mon Lunch Rubiks Cube Club 309 Learn Tricks. Compete for best time. Bring your Cubes VanKeulen
Mon Lunch NJHS 308 Academics, Service, Leadership Burratto
Tues After School Clay Club 402 Learn hand building and throwing techniques Tomimitsu
Tues After School/ Lunch Guitar Club 603 For everyone from total beginners to total shreders. Relaxed atmosphere Kuske and Temple
Tues Lunch High Altitude Club 506 Interested in planning, building,
and launching a high altitude weather balloon and
Come be part of the launch of Hawk Pride 4!
Tues Lunch Builders Club Weight Room Volunteering opportunities in our Community Corral
Tues/Thurs Lunch Circle of Friends 507 Make new friends, play games, eat lunch together Hawthorne
Wed Lunch Cyberhawks 204 Helping others with technology Steele
Wed Lunch Game Club 203 Board games and more! Come play with us! Seasongood
Thurs Lunch Sign Language Club 201 Learn the alphabet, common expressions, and lyrics to your favorite songs Wozniak, J.
Thurs Lunch Mock Trial 308 Come learn how the court system works. Participate in mock trial scenarios. Reep
Thurs Lunch Teens for Christ 504 For anyone who is a Christian or doesn't mind hanging around them Bickford, D.
Fri After School Conditioning Club Weight Room Workout with Friends Dinowitz
Fri After School Drama Club/ Jr. Thespians Troupe 606 Participate in DTASC Drama festival.
Learn stage design and stage crew The Wizard of Oz.
Improvisation workshops.
Earn points to join Jr. Thespians - our Theatre Honor Society.
Fri Lunch SciFi Club 505 Is your life timey wimey? Is the force with you? Are the odds continuously in your favor? Is your ring ‘precious’ to you? Are you a divergent thinker? Have you ever been unemployed in Greenland? If all this makes sense, have we got a club for you! Bickford, J.
Fri After School Trading Card Games Club 501 Magic The gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon Temple
Fri Lunch Computer Club and YouTube Creators 301 Computer help and fun games. Plan, shoot, and edit your own videos. Wozinak, M.
Fri Lunch Quiz Bowl 306 Hottest sensation sweeping the nation. Come compete against Sinaloa and Valley View Kingsbury

Circle of Friends

This club provides an environment of inclusion for students with disabilities on the middle school campus as well as within their community focusing on the understanding and acceptance of differences. We provide the opportunity for students to acquire, practice and improve social/conversation skills and problem solving strategies in a natural environment with their peers in order to increase self-esteem, thus leading to a more successful adult life. 

See an advisor to join.  Advisors: Cindy Hawthorne (Special Education Teacher), Cara Galper (Speech Therapist)

Trading Card Games

 We are highly creative thinkers.  By using critical thinking skills we determine resource allocation, forecasting trends, and meta-gaming tactics that help us gain victory against our opponent.  Magic the Gathering game is similar to chess; however, we use creatures (elves, giants, wizards, vampires, dwarves, etc.) instead of the traditional chess pieces (pawn, rook, bishop, knight, queen, and king).  Although we do not perform magic tricks (bunnies and hats), we can perform rather complex feats that require high level critical thinking skills.  Let us wow you.  Come stop by and see our wise and intelligent club members.

National Junior Honor Society

A club that one does not join, but is asked to join based on scholarship, citizenship, and work ethic, The National Junior Honor Society at Hillside Middle School is dedicated to service.  This year, we have participated in the Cancer Society's Relay for Life and a toy drive for needy inner city kids.  Individual members help in faith based groups, food share programs, and individual activities to serve the community.  In the new year we will serve in "For the Troops", the Battered Women's Shelter, tour at least one college site, and more. 

NJHS meets Mondays at lunch.

Basketball Club

We enjoy passing, shooting, running, jumping, and making new friends.  By creating an atmosphere of camaraderie and friendship, we are equipped to be excellent "teammates" to one another.  We stress sharing and passing.  Hopefully, our wonderful Hillside Hawks will continue to be team-oriented as they progress through high school.  Come stop by and see our skillful and thoughtful club members.

Hillside has 25 clubs each week.  Surely there is something for everyone. Here are a few descriptions to peak your interest.

Guitar Club

Guitar club is a place for all students with guitars, from beginners to more advanced players, to have fun learning new songs and new skills.

Weight Training Club

Join Mr. Dinowitz in the weight room.  You will enhance your physical fitness, learn how to use gym equipment, and work as a team. 

Builder's Club

Builders Club is a service organization (sponsored by Kiwanis) that gives middle school students a chance to learn important leadership skills and develop character and caring while getting more involved with school and community.

Running Club

Conditioning with Coach D Running Club: Increase your speed and endurance.  Great training for any sport.

Homework Club

A quiet location for help in all subjects.  Learn and achieve academic success!

Teens for Christ

Teens for Christ is for Christians and anyone else who does not mind hanging around Christians in a Christian way. We serve the Lord by service projects (letters for prisons, baby blankets for unwed mothers, food for hungry children). We also enjoy good fellowship and fun with games, crafts, videos, parties and devotionals. We enjoy having community guest speakers each month.  Everyone is always welcome, anytime. 

Jewish Cultural Club

This club provides opportunities for students to learn more about Jewish cultural experiences including literature, sports and media. Come on out and join us Wednesdays at lunch in room 204.

You Be The Jury Club

Problem solve, think critically, and reinforce oral speaking and presentation skills at "You Be the Jury" club.  If you like to argue, want to present and win a case, or would you like to be a lawyer, then this is the club for you.