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Principal's Message

Per. 1 Theatre II


Wednesday, May 30 - Perform Improvisation.

Tuesday, May 29 - Rehearse Improvisation performance.

Friday, May 25 - Appreciation cards.

Wednesday, May 23 - Add program to portfolio.  Rehearse introductions.

Tuesday, May 22 - Assign improv performance teams.  Warm-up and rehearse.

Monday, May 21 - Strike Charlotte's Web / Stuart Little.  Rehearse improvs and turn in preferences.

Friday, May 18 - Create theatre promotion presentation.

Thursday, May 17 - Musical Improvisation

Tuesday, May 15 - CSZ Four-square: Brainstorm and practice ideas for place, object, relationship and profession.

Monday, May 14 - CSZ Four-square: Practice exaggerated movements.

Monday, May 7 - perform "We're off to see the Wizard" choreography.

Friday, May 4 - Rehearse "We're off to see the Wizard" choreography.

Wednesday, May 2 - Learn "We're off to see the Wizard" choreography. Practice using Google Classroom video.

Tuesday, May 1 - State testing: Math

Monday, April 30 - "We're off to See the Wizard" choreography and lyrics.

Friday, April 27 - Musical Theatre history.

Thursday, April 26 - Textbook: musical theatre

Wednesday, April 25 - Add Audition monologue to portfolio.

Tuesday, April 24 - State testing: English

Monday, April 23 - Finish audition monologues.

W April 18 - Start audition monologue presentations.

T April 17 - Analyze audition  monologues.  Prepare for performance on Wednesday.

M April 16 - Rehearse monologues on Flip Grid.

F April 13 - Present monologues.

W April 11 - Rehearse monologue: memorization, emotion, diction, movement.

T April 10 - Rehearse monologue.

M April 9 - Vacation slideshow.  Review monologues.

T March 27 - Create movements, responses and exaggerated enunciation for monologue.

M March 26 - Describe monologue character elements and create a pose.

F March 23 - Write monologue and explore internal and external character traits.

W March 21 - Choose audition monologue.

T March 20 - Start monologue unit.  Write biography and share with class.

M March 19 - Start monologue unit.  Write autobiography and share with class.

F March 16 - Movie in a Minute.

W March 14 - Update Portfolio and complete Reflection.

T March 13 - Finish "Dead Parrot" performances and post-mortem.

M March 12 - "Dead Parrot" performances. 8th grade start Portfolio Resume.

W March 7 - "Dead Parrot" performances.

T March 6 - "Dead Parrot" character games and rehearsal.

M March 5 - "Dead Parrot" character games and rehearsal.

F  March 2 - Children's Theatre: performing Dr. Seuss

W Feb 28 - "Dead Parrot" character games and rehearsal.

T - Feb 27 - "Dead Parrot" character games and rehearsal.

M - Feb 26 - "Dead Parrot" character profile and rehearsal.

F Feb 23 - "Dead Parrot" memorization and character improv.

W Feb 21 - Scholastic book flyer.  "Dead Parrot" memorization and character improv.

T Feb 20 - "Dead Parrot" sketch

W Feb 15 - Comedy scene

T Feb 13 - Continue Shakespeare slides in portfolio.

M Feb 12 - Start portfolio.  SSHS video production presentation.

F Feb 9 - Straight Up Improv

W Feb 7 - "All the World's a Stage" performances

T Feb 6 - "All the World's a Stage" performances

M Feb 5 - "All the World's a Stage" performances

F Feb 2 - "All the World's a Stage" - rehearse

W Jan 31 - "All the World's a Stage" - slate and rehearse

T Jan 30 - "All the World's a Stage" - emotion

M Jan 29 - "All the World's a Stage" - movement

F Jan 26 - "All the World's a Stage" - diction

W Jan 24 - "All the World's a Stage" - memorization

T Jan 23 - "All the World's a Stage" - character tableau

M Jan 22 - Analyze "All the World's a Stage"

F Jan 19 - Iambic Pentameter

W Jan 17 - Shakespeare biography, Elizabethan language and insults

T Jan 16 - Warm-up.  Shakespeare in the Classroom video.

F Jan 12 - Warm-up.  Improvisation review.

Th Jan 11 - Warm-up.  Pantomime review.

W Jan 10 - Warm-up.  Tableau review.

T Jan 9 - Review class rules and Theatre games.